Chinese Whispers Broken Telephone Game Examples

Here are some examples of how Chinese Whispers or the Broken Telephone Game might play out:

Example #1: "I took my dog for a walk today and then I gave him some food"

Example #2: "The sun has got it's hat on and is coming out to play"

If you can think of any other suitable phrases that you think would make a good game, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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#3: Guest #211 (Tony Cook) - at 02:42 on 14 Jun 2016

Re #2 (Guest #189 (Galen): I recall my father (a military officer) telling me about this one when I was a kid. Fact or fiction? I assumed the former, but who knows? The end result was "Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance!"

#2: Guest #189 (Galen) - at 20:06 on 04 Jan 2016

Send reinforcements, we're going to advance!

#1: Guest #43 (Stefanovitch) - at 05:40 on 02 Mar 2014

I don't much care for yellow carrots, but blue potatoes and red cucumbers are better for the gut.